Entrance to the ancient pyramid

The entrance

The Ancient Pyramid is a location that the ClueFinders visit in The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid.

In the GameEdit

The Ancient Pyramid is where Alistair Loveless goes to awaken Seth. It had long been buried underground, and Loveless orders his goons to set the gears and pistons in place that will cause the pyramid to rise. The ClueFinders are transported to the pyramid's location by the deities at the obelisk in the Nile Kingdom. There, they must complete the challenges of the Sphinx and Thoth in order to reach the top of the pyramid. When the ClueFinders confront Seth, they defeat him by reversing the process to awaken him, which causes the pyramid to collapse. The ClueFinders escape with Professor Botch right before the pyramid collapses.

Activities in the Ancient PyramidEdit