The Apprentice is a resident of the Himalayan village that the ClueFinders visit.


The Apprentice has black hair and eyebrows, light skin, pronounced lips, and a cleft chin. He wears a gray robe with light gray trim. In some scenes, he also wears a blue sash. He bears a strong resemblance to Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men

In the GameEdit

The Apprentice is first seen at the Himalayan village's festival. When the treasures are revealed to be missing, he gestures to a giant footprint in the snow and claims that the mythical Yeti must have taken them. The Elder calls the ClueFinders to investigate, although the Apprentice expresses doubt that they can do anything.

In the original release of The ClueFinders Math Adventures, the Apprentice is stated to have originally been a foreigner to the village. LapTrap sees a vision of the Apprentice's past where he is about to board a plane, and is seemingly striking a deal with someone. The ClueFinders think that this might give him a motive for stealing the treasures, but they remain uncertain if it was him or a different suspect. The newer release replaces that cutscene with a different one, where Owen says he saw the Apprentice coming down from the mountain when he was following the Guide, but Joni thinks that the Apprentice couldn't have taken the treasures.

After the ClueFinders recover all of the treasures, they find the alleged lair of the Yeti, inside of a cave. There they are approached by what appears to be the Yeti, but turns out to be the Apprentice wearing a disguise, whose identity is revealed after a falling icicle knocks off his mask. He exclaims that he would've gotten away with the treasures and sold them for millions in the west if the ClueFinders hadn't ruined his plans. He tries to escape, but he as he runs out of the cave, a sudden avalanche causes him to be buried under deep snow. The ClueFinders decide that the won't be able to find him, and leave the scene.

The Apprentice is shown to reappear after presumably digging himself out of the snow, unbeknownst to the ClueFinders. In the original release, he is suddenly grabbed the hand of the real Yeti, and he screams as he is pulled back under the snow. In the newer release, after he appears from under the snow, he vows that the ClueFinders won't be able to stop him, and glares at them as they leave.