The Associate Mice are a group of three mice who work for the Map Mouse. Individually they are referred to as Associate Mouse #1, Associate Mouse #2, and Associate Mouse #3.


The Associate Mice are a trio of mice who are all about the same size. They all have gray fur and pink noses, and each one carries what appears to be an archery bow. The first has curly brown hair on each side of his head and a very long snout, has a cheerful expression on his face, and he wears a green and yellow striped shendyt. The second one wears a dark beanie cap and a light green and bluish-green striped shendyt and has a serious expression on his face. The last one wears a blue and green striped shendyt and appears to be cheerful.

Role in the GameEdit

The job of the Associate Mice is to retrieve cheese for the Map Mouse. They must be guided to the cheese using a map and a set of directions. The ClueFinders can help lead the Associate Mice to the cheese.


  • The Associate Mice are modeled after the Three Stooges.