Cairoglyphs are a type of item that the ClueFinders must use during their quest in The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid. The name comes from a combination of 'Cairo' and 'hieroglyphs'.


Cairoglyphs are anicent pottery pieces with letters carved upon them. In the game, they are all gold-colored pottery fragments of roughly the same size, and the carvings appear brown. There are twelve different designs that can appear on the Cairoglyphs. The designs have no effect on how the Cairoglyphs are used.

Usage in the GameEdit

When the ClueFinders ask Ramses to translate an ancient scroll for them, he says he'll require Cairoglyphs to decipher the five clues written on the scroll, and that he requires twelve Cairoglyphs for each clue. The shopkeepers in Cairo all collect Cairoglyphs, and will offer them to the ClueFinders in return for helping them with their work. After collecting twelve Cairoglyphs, the ClueFinders must return to Ramses and give all of the Cairoglyphs to him so he translate a part of the scroll.

A total of sixty Cairoglyphs must be collected during one game session for completion. Joni's backpack can hold up to twelve Cairoglyphs at a time.