Captain Clark is a ship captain who is also Leslie Clark's grandpa.


Captain Clark is an elderly African-American man with dark skin and a grey beard. He wears a beige button-up T-shirt over a white shirt, a blue cap, and long pants.

In the GameEdit

The ClueFinders embark on an oceanic expedition aboard Captain Clark's ship. While exploring the sea floor in a submarine, Joni, Santiago,and LapTrap obtain some mysterious tablets which they show to Captain Clark. He shows some interest in them, but then a mysterious island comes into view. Just as Captain Clark remarks that the island isn't on any of his charts, a tsunami threatens to capsize the ship. After Joni and Santiago wake up on the island's shore, they contact Owen and Leslie and discover that Captain Clark has gone missing. Joni and Santiago set out to explore the island and find him.

After Joni and Santiago are able to enter the island's volcano, they end up in a strange room with a lot of containers. Suddenly, they come across Captain Clark in one of the containers. They realize that he and other people who were on the island have been trapped in the containers, which are filled with a strange greenish substance that appears to be keeping them in some kind of stasis, as they are all non-moving and blankly staring straight ahead. After Owen and Leslie are able to release the containers, the greenish fluid drains out of them, and all the people who were trapped return to normal. The ClueFinders escape with the other people, where they activate a bunch of buttons in a control room before escaping from the island on Captain Clark's ship. Captain Clark is last seen aboard the ship as they all watch the island sink into the sea, before reappearing as a spaceship and flying out of sight.