The Cat is the guardian of the obelisk in the Nile Kingdom.


The Cat has dark bluish fur, yellow eyes, and a pink nose. She wears a gold collar.


The Cat strongly dislikes the mice around the Nile Kingdom, describing them as "vile". Her dislike of them mainly stems from them stealing the gems from the doors of the obelisk, though she is also unnerved by them acting like they are ancient Egyptians. She is more friendly towards the ClueFinders, whom she refers to as "darlings", and agrees to let them in the obelisk in return for retrieving the gems from the mice.

Trivia Edit

She seems to be a parody of Tallulah Bankhead.

Role in the GameEdit

The Cat first appears in Cairo. She seems to watch the ClueFinders before walking towards them. When Socrates sees her, he begins barking at her and chasing her. She runs into Ramses' antique shop, and Socrates and the ClueFinders follow. Later on, while the ClueFinders are exploring Cairo looking for Cairoglyphs, she may appear in several areas around Cairo before hiding again. When the ClueFinders go to the Nile Kingdom, she greets them at the obelisk and asks them to retrieve the gems for her. She will continue to greet the ClueFinders at each successive door leading into the obelisk.


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