Charlotte No-Haira is one of the residents of the living island.


Charlotte No-Haira is a young woman with light skin, brown hair in curls, and blue eyes. A few strands of hair keep coming loose and falling over her forehead, to her annoyance. She wears a turquoise dress, brown shoes, and carries a yellow umbrella with her. The bottom of her dress is torn, exposing the steel crinoline underneath.


Charlotte No-Haira tries to talk to and reason with the living island. She politely asks that the island would stop raining so she read the stories her ancestors left on CrypTiles. When the ClueFinders offer to help her, she says that she appreciates the kindness of strangers.

Role in the GameEdit

Charlotte No-Haira is one of the island residents that the ClueFinders encounter at an area of the island where there seems to be isolated rainstorms. They offer to help her organize her CrypTiles so that she can read the stories her ancestors left.


  • Charlotte's last name "No-Haira" is based on the name "O'Hara" (as in, Scarlett O'Hara). It also seems to reference her desire to keep her hair from falling over her face.