Fieluca is boat dealer who lives in Cairo, Egypt.


Fieluca appears to be a young boy about the age of the ClueFinders. He has light skin, brown hair that hangs over his forehead and a little bit past his ears, and blue eyes. He wears a green shirt and blue overalls.


Fieluca is a polite, cordial person.

Role in the GameEdit

Fieluca is a boat dealer whom the ClueFinders visit to rent a boat to sail down the Nile River with. If the ClueFinders visit Fieluca at any point before they complete the Secret Chamber Challenge, Fieluca's will say all of his boats are currently rented and apologize. After completing the Secret Chamber Challenge, Fieluca will be open for business.


  • Fieluca's name may be derived from the word 'felucca', which refers to a traditional Egyptian sailboat.