Goo Beetles are a type of item that the ClueFinders use on their quest in The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra.


Goo Beetles are a special kind of beetle that only live the Goo Lagoon. They are found in Beetle Bags, which can be obtained from several puddles around the lagoon. Beetle Bags are sacks which contain at least 2 beetles each, sometimes more. The beetles come in five different colors: purple, green, red, blue, and gold. A Beetle Bag may contain Goo Beetles of any color; the color of the beetles doesn't have to correlate to the color of the bag. Each beetle has a certain design on its back which correlates to one of the five walls of The Walls of Goo Falls.

Usage in the GameEdit

Goo Beetles are used to solve the puzzles at The Walls of Goo Falls. Joni and Santiago must obtain Goo Beetles by helping the various denizens of the Goo Lagoon in order to get to the top of Goo Falls and obtain a key to the Lost City. For each wall, a Goo Beetle must be guided up a series of tiles to the top of wall. Each beetle must follow a certain path that only uses tiles that match its color and/or design. If a beetle is guided to the wrong tile, it will fly away. If a beetle reaches the top of the wall successfully, it will eat a venomflower, which breaks a vine. When all the vines are broken, it releases the staircases that are used to ascend further.

A minimum of 5 Beetle Bags, 1 per color, are needed to complete the game. Depending on how many mistakes are made at the Walls of Goo Falls, more Goo Beetles may need to be collected for completion. Goo Beetles are stored in the second of the four pockets in Joni's backpack. The backpack can hold up to six Beetle Bags for each color, for a total of 30 Beetle Bags maximum. In the practice mode, Joni's backpack always contains a full supply of Beetle Bags.