The Jungle Canopy is a subarea of Numeria.

Geography and DemographyEdit

The Jungle Canopy is a densely forested area nearby the ancient Numerian Lost City. It is mostly populated by birds, and a bat is known to live there as well.

Activities in the Jungle CanopyEdit

In the GameEdit

Joni, Santiago and LapTrap find themselves in the Jungle Canopy after being dropped off there from Limburger's plane, thinking that they were going to land at the Lost City gates. A bat and a bird observing them decide to point them in the direction of the Lost City, since they don't want them staying there. Joni, Santiago and LapTrap must navigate their way through the treetops in order to get to the Lost City.

Subject-wise, the Jungle Canopy contains all of the game's geography-focused activities.

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