The Liverpuddlians are a group of intelligent plants who live in the Goo Lagoon.


The Liverpuddlians consist of four members. All of them have skinny stem-like bodies with roots and leaf-like hands. One has red petal-like hair and a yellow face resembling a spadix, one has a pink ovoid face with violet petal-like hair, another has large round pink eyes, blue draping petal-like hair and a protruding nose, and the last has a red, fluffy head.

Role in the GameEdit

The ClueFinders encounter the Liverpuddlians upon entering the Goo Lagoon. The Liverpuddlians think they're bugs, and strike up a conversation with them. They mention how the Goo seems to have been poisoned since Mathra's return. They also inform the ClueFinders that there is a key on the other side of the lagoon, at the top of Goo Falls, and that in order to get to the top of the falls, they'll need to collect bags of Goo Beetles.

When encountered at a different location, the Liverpuddlians sing a song about the dirtied goo and Mathra.

At the end of the game, the Liverpuddlians can be seen waving goodbye to the ClueFinders.


  • The Liverpuddlians are based on the Beatles, and their name is derived from Liverpool.
  • In the original release of ClueFinders 3rd Grade, Wally Fields voices the Liverpuddlian with the blue hair and the one with the yellow face. Presumably, the other two are voiced by Doug Boyd.
    • Of the two voice actors credited for voicing the Liverpuddlians, Doug Boyd is the only one credited as a singer, suggesting that he provides the singing voices for all of Liverpuddlians.
  • Although the Liverpuddlians don't have individual names in the original US release, the UK release lists their names as Paul, Georgey, Starkey, and Winston, all of which are derived from the names of Beatles band members.