Malicia is an evil sorceress who is the antagonist of The ClueFinders Reading Adventures Ages 9-12: Mystery of the Missing Amulet.


In her true form, Malicia has very pale skin with a blueish tint, blue lips, eyes that are entirely green with no pupils, and dull brownish-blonde hair that is long and somewhat messy. She has a pointed nose, long ears, a long angular chin, and sharp teeth that overlap her lips. Her arms and legs are long and bony. She wears a dark blue cape and a dull blue dress, which are both torn and ragged, and a yellow pointed crown with a green gem in the center.

When disguised as Princess Malveera, she has the appearance of a normal human girl with light peach-colored skin, greenish-blue irises, and bright blonde wavy hair. Her clothing is the same, except that it isn't torn.


Malicia is cruel and power-hungry. She wishes to drain the planet Millennia of all of its life, and eventually Earth as well. She is quite good at shape-shifting. While disguised as Princess Malveera, she puts on a fake persona of being kind, brave, and helpful.

In the GameEdit

Malicia first appears before Joni, Owen, and LapTrap masquerading as the princess of Millennia. She introduces herself as Princess Malveera, and asks them to find the two halves of the Amulet of Life for her. She explains that Santiago and Leslie have been trapped at Mount Valdrok, and that many of the citizens of Millennia have been cursed by the evil sorceress Malicia, who wishes to drain the planet of its life.

Later, Malicia's true identity is revealed, and she sets out to steal the amulet and use it for her own twisted plans. However, when she attempts to attack the ClueFinders, Owen uses LapTrap to reflect her attack, and it hits her, causing her to get sucked into the amulet and trapped. The ClueFinders take the amulet with them when they return to Earth, and decide to give it to Socrates for him to bury. Malicia is last seen shrieking from the amulet in the hole that Socrates dug. Presumably, she remained trapped that way, and has never been shown to escape.