Mount valdrock

Mount Valdrock is a location on the planet Millennia.


Mount Valdrock is a volcano located beyond the Mystic Mountains. The volcano is mostly made up of gray jagged rock walls. Gargoyles guard Mount Valdrock, and their challenges must be completed in order to ascend to the volcano's peak.

In the GameEdit

Upon being transported to the planet Millennia, Santiago and Leslie are imprisoned at the peak of Mount Valdrock by the evil sorceress Malicia. After Joni and Owen make it through the Crystal Caverns and the Mystic Mountains, during which they obtain the two halves of the Amulet of Life, they reach Mount Valdrock. There, they are confronted by Malicia, who has one of her minions steal Joni's necklace, which she mistakes for the Amulet of Life. Malicia and her minions then return to the peak of Mount Valdrock, where Santiago and Leslie are still captured. Joni and Owen start ascending Mount Valdrock in order to rescue their friends and destroy the Amulet of Life by throwing it into the volcano to prevent Malicia from getting it. At the peak of Mount Valdrock, they are able to defeat Malicia and rescue Santiago and Leslie.