Map of numeria

LapTrap's map of Numeria

Numeria is the fictional setting of The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra.


Numeria appears to be located somewhere in the tropical region of South America, though its exact location is unknown. The map of Numeria stored in one of LapTrap's programs shows four sub-areas inside of Numeria: the Monkey Kingdom, the Goo Lagoon, the Jungle Canopy, and the Lost City.

History and DemographyEdit

Over a thousand years ago, Numeria was occupied by ancient Numerians. Legend states that when Mathra appeared, the ancient Numerian people were forced to flee their city, which became known as the Lost City. In modern day, Numeria is populated by people who are descended from the ancient Numerians, as well as the various rain forest creatures, such as the monkeys from the Monkey Kingdom, the bugs and plants of the Goo Lagoon, and other animals such as jaguars, pumas, foxes, and otters.

In the GameEdit

Joni's uncle, Dr. Horace Pythagoras, traveled to Numeria to do research there, when one day he was seemingly kidnapped by Mathra. Joni and the other ClueFinders head to Numeria to look for him. They learn about the legend of Mathra and the Lost City, and the two keys needed to get there. LapTrap shows up to help the ClueFinders, explaining that Dr. Pythagoras had recorded the locations of the two keys and the Lost City on his files. Joni and Santiago set out to explore Numeria and recover the two keys from the Monkey Kingdom and the Goo Lagoon. While exploring, they learn that Numeria is being plagued by problems: animals are mysteriously disappearing, trees are being chopped down and the goo in Goo Lagoon has become dirtied. Everyone that Joni and Santiago meet blames the return of Mathra. After obtaining the keys, they make their way to the Lost City, and discover that it's Fletcher Q. Limburger who's responsible for the destruction of the Numerian rain forest and the kidnapping of Dr. Pythagoras. The ClueFinders build a trap which defeats Limburger and saves Dr. Pythagoras, the animals, and the whole Numerian rain forest.

Name and InspirationEdit

The name "Numeria" is derived from the words "number"/"numeral". The word "Numerian" also bears some similarity to "Sumerian", referring to the earliest known civilization in Mesopotamia.

The ancient Numerians appear to be loosely based on ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs.