Ramses is an antique dealer who owns a shop in Cairo, Egypt.


Ramses is an elderly man with a bald head, a long nose and thick black eyebrows. His pupils appear to be white. He wears a maroon fez, a long orange robe with green trim, and maroon sandals. He usually has his mouth hanging open, and he has only a few teeth.


Ramses is somewhat eccentric, though friendly and helpful.

Role in the GameEdit

The ClueFinders go to Cairo to search for someone who can translate an ancient scroll they picked up from Perabsen's tomb. They are lead to Ramses' antique shop, where Ramses is sleeping inside of a coffin when they arrive. After he wakes up, he explains that he needs lots of rest since he's 5,000 years old. The ClueFinders are incredulous at this, but Joni asks him if he can read the ancient scroll if he's really that old. Ramses recognizes it and says it tells of the ancient evil of Seth, and it contains five clues that tell of a place of power where the worthy will be granted the power to stop Seth. Ramses says he can only decipher the clues if the ClueFinders bring him Cairoglyphs, ancient pottery pieces with letters carved on them. After retrieving the Cairogylphs from around Cairo, Ramses deciphers all five clues. This leads the ClueFinders to a secret chamber, where Ramses is present again. He says they must first complete an ancient puzzle. After they do, it reveals another scroll written with hieroglyphs. Ramses translates it for them, revealing to the ClueFinders that they must go south in a boat.