Seth is an ancient Egyptian deity who is depicted in The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid.


Seth has a large muscular body with blue skin, long dark blue hair, indigo eyebrows, and yellow eyes. He has a somewhat animal-like face with a long curved snout, pointy fangs, and two long ears extending from the top of his head. He wears a white collar, grayish-purple bracelets around his wrists and upper arms, and a grayish-purple shendyt.


Seth is said to be the embodiment of chaos and evil. He is very proud and self-righteous. He gets fatigued by foolish people like Alistair Loveless, whom he says, give chaos a bad name.

Role in the GameEdit

Alistair Loveless plans to awaken Seth with the intent to control the power of chaos. This plan is foretold of in an ancient scroll that the ClueFinders get a hold of. After learning of the plan to awaken Seth, the ClueFinders set out to find a place of power where it is said that the worthy will receive powers for stopping Seth. Meanwhile, Loveless is successful in awakening Seth, buts finds that he has no control over him. Seth promptly sends his soul into a mummy, as punishment for his foolishness. After being gifted powers by Horus, Isis, Sobek, and Bast, the ClueFinders confront Seth. Together they defeat Seth by reversing the process that was used to awaken him. As a result, Seth is trapped as a temple collapses upon him.