Sneezeberries are a type of item that the ClueFinders use during their quest in The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra.


Sneezeberries are small, round berries that grow on Sneezeberry bushes. The Sneezeberry bushes have long, skinny green stems with a few leaves near the base. Large colorful fruits grow on the stems, which resemble half-ovoids, each with a hole in the center. The Sneezeberry bushes literally sneeze out berries, hence the name. The berries grow on branches, and each individual branch contains exactly ten Sneezeberries. The Sneezeberries and Sneezeberry bushes come in five colors: purple, green, red, blue, and gold.

Usage in the GameEdit

The Sneezeberry bushes were planted in the Monkey Kingdom by the ancient Numerians centuries ago for the purpose of getting through the puzzles guarding the two keys to the Lost City. Joni and Santiago must obtain Sneezeberries of all five colors in order to cross the Rings of Fire guarding one of the keys. The berries must be thrown at tiles with certain numbers on them. When a correct tile is hit with a Sneezeberry, it will turn over and uncover a letter that is part of a clue for obtaining the key.

Sneezeberries can be obtained by playing five activities in the Monkey Kingdom: Address Stones awards purple sneezeberries, The Pit and the Vines awards red sneezeberries, Monument awards blue sneezeberries, Treasure Chest awards green sneezeberries, and The Queen's Calendar awards gold sneezeberries.

A minimum of 50 sneezeberries are needed to complete the game, meaning one sneezeberry branch (10 berries) for each color. Depending on how many mistakes are made at the Rings of Fire, more berries may need to be collected for completion. Sneezeberries are stored in the first of the four pockets in Joni's backpack. The backpack can hold up to six sneezeberry branches for each color, for a total of 30 branches/360 berries maximum. In the practice mode, Joni's backpack always contains a full supply of Sneezeberries.

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