Cluefinders only

The ClueFinders Club, also simply known as The ClueFinders, is a group of detectives founded by Joni Savage, who live in San Francisco, California. They are the protagonists which the ClueFinders series centers around.

The club consists of six total members: Joni Savage, Santiago Rivera, Leslie Clark, Owen Lam, LapTrap, and in some games, Socrates. Each member has a title, which reflects their role in the team. The games demonstrate that the ClueFinders are relatively famous and well-respected for their efforts, and are considered local celebrities within their home state (as mentioned in Reading Adventures).

In most of the games, a ClueFinders Club screen can be accessed via LapTrap, which contains profiles for all of the club members, as well as a picture of the ClueFinders Clubhouse, the official meeting spot where the ClueFinders hang out when there are no mysteries to solve.