The Tree is a resident of the Goo Lagoon.


The Tree has a wide trunk with his face on the trunk. His eyes are formed by grooves in the trunk. A protruding branch forms his nose, and two more protruding branches on his sides form his arms. The branch that serves as his nose splits into two thinner branches, with three green leaves connected to the upper branch, and two green leaves connected to the lower branch. His leaves can have a variety of designs upon them, which change each time he is revisited. One of his leaves is always a fake created by an Attack-nid.

Role in the GameEdit

The ClueFinders encounter the Tree while in the Goo Lagoon. He will ask them to help identify which one of his leaves is actually an Attack-nid posing as a leaf. The Attack-nid will resemble the other leaves but will contain one difference in its design. Once the ClueFinders have correctly identified the Attack-nid, the Tree will eat it and he will reward them with a red Beetle Bag.