The Writer is one of the residents of the Himalayan village that the ClueFinders visit.


The Writer has light skin, short red hair in a bob haircut, and dark red lips. In the original release of ClueFinders Math Adventures, she wears glasses, green diamond-shaped earrings, a necklace with white round beads and a matching bracelet on her left wirst, a green shirt with a yellow shawl over it, off-white pants, brown shoes, and yellow socks. She also carries a dark turquoise notepad and a pencil with her.

In the newer release, her appearance is very similar, although some of her clothes and accessories are a different color. Her earrings, necklace, and bracelet are golden, her shirt is more of a mint green, and her shawl is a lighter shade of mint green. Her pants are pale blue, and she wears dark blue shoes with brown bottoms.

Role in the GameEdit

The Writer is one of the suspects for the disappearance of the village treasures. The ClueFinders can visit her at the library to look for clues.

In the original release of ClueFinders Math Adventures, there is a subplot where LapTrap can see visions of the past. One night, as the ClueFinders are discussing who might've taken the treasures, they note that the Writer isn't originally from the village. LapTrap sees a vision of the writer's past, and it's revealed that she collects antiquities from mountain ranges around the world, and she wishes she had some Himalayan artifacts to complete her collection.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm sorry, it's looks like there's too many balls backed up on the tubes. Have another try!"
  • "Oh dear! There were too many balls in the tubes. We must do it over!"
  • "Ah, yes. That will look great in the book."
  • "Please check your clues more carefully before you go accusing innocent people. I'm not the guilty one!"
  • "I don't know that how you can't expect me, I never even seen this before!"